Monday, 8 June 2009

News From the Provinces.

These pictures are taken from the website of Saint Silas, Kentish town and show Father Graeme Rowlands, their parish priest, celebrating twenty years of his being installed there with a High Mass. Congratulations Father!

The Deacon introduces the peace. Saint Silas' must be the only Anglican Church I have ever been to where members of the congregation have said 'pax tecum' to me during the peace. Saint Silas' is a witness to the faith in North London, happily near to Marine Ices, the finest ice cream parlour in London with, incidentally, a very reasonable old school Italian restaurant attached. I look forward to my occasional visits both to the Church and the gelateria all the more because I would not want either every day. Good religion and good ice cream, take away the London stock brick Georgian buildings and you could almost be in Tuscany. Now that I would like every day!

Craig Aburn, MC at Saint Silas and friend of AW, is acting as Subdeacon. His son is the small child to the left. You can see more pictures of this event and of the church on their website here.

This picture of Saint Therese, taken at Saint Hilda's last week, marks the next step on my journey this year with her, which will be to Preston. The year of Saint Therese which I have kept will culminate in visiting her relics later this summer at the Cathedral in Lancaster when I will give thanks for the many blessings and encouragements received from her this past nine months, proving that roses from heaven do not have to come immediately, but can be sent over time, to many unexpected places. St Therese, Ora pro nobis.

Unlike some other blogs which have their links listed under 'Anglican' and 'Roman Catholic', I have not had to do any tinkering today with our sidebar. Fr Jeffrey Steel of De Cura Animarum will shortly resign his orders and live in London as a Roman Catholic layman, thus taking him to the next stage of his long journey from American Protestantism. We have enjoyed reading his blog and hope to do so still, the URL is the same and the link still takes you to the same page. A different Anglican wandering, but one which I am sure will make interesting reading. Pray for him, that all may be well.