Sunday, 7 June 2009

Trinity Sunday.

The High Altar was bedecked with relics for the last time in a while today, as next Sunday is Corpus Christi when Mass will be followed directly with a procession of the Blessed Sacrament and Benediction and neither possessing nor being inclined to possess the little curtains for the glass part of the reliquaries we will have a relicless gradine. The next Sunday is the first 'green' Sunday for some time and then, with the brief blip for the solemnity of Peter and Paul, we enter the long stretch of Ordinary Time.

As I left Mass this morning with the Parish Priest to have lunch in Clitheroe (very nice, thank you, particularly the pate and the pint of bitter in the New Inn afterwards) the end of Whittaker Lane, just after the shops, was being prepared for the last day of the Oasis concerts. This is what the whole road looks like in both directions, but particularly so here next to the Tram station. Still, most people made the journey to get to Church, although a few who travel from farther afield did not, not knowing what to expect. In the end, what we found was a spectacularly well organised event, with all the (piles and piles) of litter cleared from the last night and traffic calming in place. A few kebab wrappers and beer cans greeted me in the Church path, but that was all - and most Sundays start with that anyway.

We had a High Mass for Trinity Sunday, as you might expect. I am not going to dwell on the corporate nonsense currently doing the rounds in the CofE which replaces this day with a secular commemoration, other than to say that our ranks were swollen with a few people from other local Parishes whom we have not seen before.

The renovation work is progressing, here you see the back corridor leading from the Community room to the new toilet, which is tiled and half grouted, the sink and other accoutrements will go in soon. Hopefully I will get to see it all finished before I leave next Sunday. Whether I do or not is irrelevant really, but it is nice to see development work going on.

The community room has its kitchen units almost finished and the painting work has begun, with the Parish Summer fair next Saturday and for future events, both envisaged and not, this will be a very useful resource.