Thursday, 11 June 2009

Boxes Everywhere.

I have been a little quiet on the blog recently, for which you may be thankful. This picture above explains why to an extent. I took it five minutes ago, having just returned from Church to my house where my belongings are being packed up. I have moved some things already, pictures in particular, so that I can clean the walls behind them ready for my first tenant. Pray that things go well with that, for I am not starting a business, just letting my house for just enough, happily, to cover the mortgage. Anyway, boxes are everywhere, tomorrow they come and take almost everything away and then they return on Monday to get the last few bits and pieces and follow me to Preston, where boxes will once again be the theme until they are all unpacked. You will see more as I can show it to you, but forgive any gaps in communication, my mind will be elsewhere and even though BT managed to come and reconnect the telephone and deliver a wireless router for the internet, none of these things are yet connected, so blood pressure is sure to rise above the usual chilly calm.

Anyhow, things are exciting and I look forward to the move greatly. The only imminent cloud on the horizon is a great worry about money - I seem to be waiting for cheques continually, that they have not yet come is a real concern and as I type another bill arrives which I have absolutely no way of paying. Never mind. Something was bound to go wrong.

So this morning I went to Saint Hilda's and filled up the oil stocks, changed the candles and prepared the altar for Corpus Christi which is either today or Sunday. For us it is Sunday and Saturday is the Summer Fair, hopefully making use of the new facilities in Church, the kitchenette et al. I was very aware as I toddled around the Church that it was the last time I will have to enjoy the peace and calm of Saint Hilda's on my own and just as I was about to say my prayers at the altar rail a procession of different people began traipsing in, each one wanting something else. Then it was time to go, both in the immediate and wider sense, which is a happy thing really.

This banner is on temporary loan from Nazareth House, a Roman Catholic nursing home up the road. We are having another one made in a while showing the Annunciation, for carrying in processions and decorating the Church, by one of the members of the choir who specialises in these things. I look forward very much to seeing the pictures!