Saturday, 13 June 2009

Parties and packing.

Last night my friend Marion who lives around the corner invited a few other friends to her house to have a few drinks with me before my going. Happily, none of these people are saying goodbye for ever and arrangements have already been made to meet up again. It was a lovely evening and was a good respite from sitting in an empty house mulling things over! The packers came again yesterday and removed the boxes, hence most of my possessions are in a lorry in South Manchester waiting to be brought back on Monday morning ready for the final packing and moving. Today my new tenant comes, a Frenchman called Patrice, who has three children, to collect his keys and he moves in on Monday as I go. It is nice to think that the house which seems so empty now will be filled with the sound of children's voices soon. It is a hundred years since the house was built this year, I wonder what sort of history it has, I know in recent years it has been a home to many, many cats as I witnessed when I had to dispose of the carpets and strip the floorboards a few years ago.

For now, it is time to go. I am going to Preston today to do a few jobs in the house, then tomorrow is my 'last Mass' at Saint Hilda's - last as a Parishioner anyway, and then that is that. I hope to get some pictures for you of the Corpus Christi procession of he Blessed Sacrament and of the new statue which I am giving to the Church which I will put on here tomorrow. In the meantime, amidst some trial and tribulation and the comforting support of many dozens of friends, it is time to take a step into the unknown. Pray for me as I pray for all of you every day.

The removal company has no boxes for large statues of the Sacred Heart so they will be coming on Monday with bubble wrap and tape for him. I look forward to having this lovely image placed in the corner of the dining room at Preston. Taking all the rugs and furniture away has enabled me to admire my handiwork in stripping and polishing the floors which I did over a weekend with a hand sander.

And finally a picture of the lounge with Saint Anne holding Our Lady, not the most attractive statue in the world, the hands are out of proportion, but none the worse for that in many ways.