Thursday, 19 March 2009


You know I spend time every day trying to edify you all with devotional tracts and it seems that most of you prefer talking about drink. In Lent! What's the use, I thought to myself, it's nearly 'refreshment' Sunday, so I thought I might ask the big question. What is the soundest gin? My vote is for Seagrams dry, in the knobbly bottle, because it is

1. Distinctive even when watered down by heresy like cheap tonic.
2. Dry and does not mix well (in cocktails), it prefers being with like minded things, like more gin.
3. Still made to the original recipe (no reformation or change in ABV).
4. Comes in a knobbly bottle which is not straight, showing distinctive personality and therefore unlikely to be enjoyed by Mormons.

Back to normal tomorrow, whatever normal is round here anymore.