Sunday, 1 February 2009

Burford Abbey Community Update.

The Anglican Benedictine Community at Burford, as you will be aware, have sold their beautiful old priory buildings and are currently in temporary lodgings while the plan above, for the rebuilding of a farm complex in Worcestershire according to environmentally friendly principles, is completed.

This is how the buildings look at the moment, or in fact a couple of months ago. I think work may have now begun, The old farmhouse will be demolished to make way for the larger building you see in the plan and the Oratory will be built in the centre of the farmyard.

At the moment the Community life progresses as usual, in their rented house, around the same pattern as it did in Burford, just under slightly more cramped conditions.

Abbot Stuart can be seen on the far right helping one of the Sisters to her dinner. Those of you who knew the old Burford Refectory will be surprised at the cosiness of the current set up, but what an exciting chapter in the life of the Community, to be present in the interim period and the new age of life.

Brother Thomas weighing out the margarine for baking in the kitchen of the temporary monastery buildings.

While Brother Anthony vacs the hearth. The large open fire in the drawing room was a feature of the previous house which many visitors enjoyed. The new monastery will have an open hearth to match the old, Abbot Stuart remarks in his current letter on the website.

Incense was always made and sold in Nashdom Abbey. When it closed, production continued in, I think, Elmore, which stopped making it, when Burford took over production. The Burford Incense is something many of you will be familiar with, as 'Glastonbury', 'Rievaulx' and other blends. Elmore is making Rosa Mystica again at the moment, it is excellent and fragrant, although has a tendency to congeal. We use it on special occasions.