Sunday, 1 February 2009

Is This the Fourth Sunday I See Before Me?

Regular Wanderers will know that Sunday afternoon is liturgy pictures time. This week, we have a double dose for you, taking my cue from Davis, who said a few weeks ago that he would appreciate more shots of the liturgy from the nave rather than the choir stalls, I entrusted the AW camera to PCC Secretary, occasional Crucifer and (today) sidesperson Christopher, to take pictures from the sidespersons usual perspectives of the back and side. We began by walking in to organ music, then blessed the Epiphany gifts before beginning the asperges. Everyone's candles lit, the Deacon sang 'Let us proceed in peace', to which all resoundingly replied 'In the name of Christ, Amen!' and then joined in a joyful procession of light around the church. This picture shows the Sacred Ministers bringing up the end of the procession.

Special-occasion thurifer, Les, leads the Gospel procession down the nave. Sorry, as always, about the random positioning of pictures. It is beyond my skill to order them correctly.

The Gospel for Candlemas is proclaimed. Liturgists will shudder, but after the procession and the sung Collect, we changed into the colour of the day (green) and proceeded as though it were the Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time (which it is) except we chanted the Candlemas Gospel.

During which everyone held their lit candles aloft for the proclamation of Simeon. After the Mass people take them home and light them when they pray, or give them to a sick friend, or light them by the statue of Our Lady of Walsingham.

Matthew goes down to receive the offerings. By this point the Sidesperson was evidently straying from the back of the church.

You can see Canon Paul Denby on the left, with a gothic green chasuble on, in shape matching the gothic green High Mass set which was purchased from eBay, without any 'bits'. My Mother has been busy matching fabric and making maniples and stoles for the set which was worn for the first time today. Les, our special occasion thurifer, is very 'Sarum' and was delighted, but commented on the lack of apparels.

Three very suspicious men bringing up the rear of the procession to the shrine of Our Lady for the singing of the Angelus at the end of Mass.

The procession wends its way around the church. This picture is taken by Churchwarden, chorister and occasional crucifer Ken, who had brought his own camera. Beryl can be seen in an Episcopal looking coat, she is from Glossop and is not, to the best of our knowledge, a bishop.

And finally another picture from the choir stalls of Father Norman singing the Preface. Like all these pictures, it benefits from being expanded. Back to comment and analysis of the issues facing the Church and the World tomorrow, as usual. Now, it may be time for a glass of wine. Is there anywhere where a reasonable Aglianico del Vulture can be bought for an equally reasonable amount of money? Answers in the comments box please friends.