Saturday, 31 January 2009

Mirfield in the Sixties.

Courtesy of Fr Norman Price, I have some photographs of Mirfield which he took when he was younger, showing the College and Monastery on a warm summer day in the idyllic time before the invention of the motor car (well, maybe after that). Just what I need after spending the day listening to Professor Michael Northcott of New College, Edinburgh pronouncing judgement of death on the planet. Really, he was very good, but I find such fervent acolytes of environmentalism just a bit depressing and eager to invest great energy in showing graphs describing the imminent collapse of Life As We Know It.

The Community Church in the summer sun. Plenty more hot days like this coming, the environmentalists tell me. Those who find it hard to talk about the environment without going bleary eyed and showing me home spun hemp cardigans, look away now.

The Community tried recycling themselves into multi-purpose ecuministers. Hearing the screams, a small boy runs into the bushes.

And comes out the other side into this peaceful glen. Is it just me, or were things a nicer colour in the sixties? I don't know, I wasn't there.

Can anyone identify this member of the Community? He gets AW points for displaying such a fine pair of sandals, similar to your scribe's weekday (non-festival) pair.

And here you can see Father Norman chatting to a member of the Community and attempting to play 'paper, scissors, stone' with him. I wonder who won?