Saturday, 24 January 2009

Friday Night and Saturday Morning.

A lovely night was had last night at the house of Parishioners and friends Pat and Andy. Andy can be seen here towards the end of the night with Holly the Boxer pup, neither of them are displaying much interest in the fate of the SSPX I regret to say.

There is interesting discussion going on HERE at the blog of the Bishop of Buckingham. I can tell you nothing about Buckingham except that Margaret Thatcher was chancellor of the University and still may be for all I know. Bishop Alan's blog is interesting, for what could be read into his views. Leave a comment, let him know that we not ranting lunatics. I think he has had a bad experience of Anglo Catholicism. I see that the massinformation team have already sent a reporter to comment and there is an hilarious comment from one of our regulars, who is using another name, so shall bask in anonymous splendour.

Les, on the right, is a staunch supporter of the Church. He is the thurifer for grand occasions when his knees allow, we inherited him from a Church in Salford where he worshipped for many years.

Marion is another regular member of the Saint Hilda's flock, Keith is a Roman Catholic friend who joins us with Mary, his wife, for the Walsingham pilgrimage each year. About forty of us go, which is a good number. The Parish I am going to has a Walsingham pilgrimage almost immediately after the ordinations, so I look forward to leading a different group around the stations of the cross for a change.

Forgive the brevity, I am out. Apparently today is the day that the Vatican will announce the withdrawal of the decree of excommunication of the four SSPX Bishops. The Sunday Papers will have a field day if so. We watch (but none too closely) and wait in prayer, for this will, eventually, if it comes about, be that all may be one.