Friday, 23 January 2009

More From the SSPX.

This letter, which you can expand, is the letter sent from Mons. Bernard Fellay to the Television station which interviewed Bishop Williamson. It is the only time I have read anything from the SSPX which even hints at criticism of one of its Bishops. One wonders if Mons. Fellay does not wish that he had taken action sooner. RUTH GLEDHILL, apart from her duties to the world of Facebook, finds time for writing a column in the London Times, in which, today, she not only links to this letter above, thus taking away any sheen you may have attached to my contacts in Switzerland, she also expresses annoyance that the Anglican Church in Sweden has been sharing buildings with the SSPX for some time. I can see nothing wrong in this, they were unaware of the views of the most hidden of their Bishops. Now they know, they have terminated any agreements, as have the Lutheran Church. Seems basic and proper to me.

Chris Gillibrand, over at CATHCON, makes some interesting points about the possible charge for holocaust denial for Bishop Williamson. Which brings me onto the point. Will Williamson reject the lifting of the excommunications, as he believes the Roman Catholic Church to be invalid, a thing which 'dresses as the Church, but is not'. Will he practice what he has preached for years and reject any concession or offer from the Vatican and if so, why has Mons. Fellay acted sooner, does he know how many secretly would support Williamson? Will, furthermore, their Priests go back? We have seen an outpouring of vitriol against the majority of the community at Papa Stronsay for returning to the Roman Church, or at least the people calling themselves that and occupying the Vatican, according to Bishop Williamson. Are they all to change their minds now? And if they do, will the members of the minor European monarchy who bankroll them continue to do so, or will they support Williamson and what, surely, must be a breakaway sect. I cannot imagine some of them supporting a sede vacantist movement. What a mess.