Friday, 12 December 2008

Manchester Decides Not to Vote for Extra Tax Shock.

There were happy scenes in Albert Square today and even in Piccadilly Gardens (above) where winos celebrated the rejection of a new tax for Mancunians with another can of Special Brew. Eighty percent of returned votes rejected the plans to appease wealthy environmentalists and multinational contractors by taxing the less well off by charging them to drive to work. Prominent environmentalist Terry Mungbean, who lives in Alderley Edge, said 'why can't these people get the bus to work, like I did in 1962 once'. Small businesses rejoiced as the economic downturn will not include having to loose another half of their customers to shops on the other side of the charging zone.

Oh, and churches in the charging ring, like us, will not have to hope that people will pay six pounds to attend Mass in their cars. The only sadness is the millions of pounds of public money spent trying, vainly, to persuade the public to vote for more taxation. The only remaining question is where will the government look to next for the cash now that they have lost a fortune on tobacco tax by everyone giving up?

Back to normal tomorrow with pictures of the deferred Immaculate Conception High Mass in Darwen. 12 Noon, St Cuthbert's Church. All welcome.