Saturday, 13 December 2008

Immaculate Conception Mass at Darwen.

The day began with a visit to the butchers in Egerton, on the way to Darwen, to buy some of his home made sausages and home cured bacon (and a rib of beef, to go with the discounted wines from Tesco, but I should not go on too much about the half price clarets which are as yet not mature enough, lest the blog become too bourgeois).

Then to Saint Cuthbert's to see the new curtain behind the Shrine dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary, standing on the new stand donated by Arminal Trueman in memory of her late sister, Isobel Trueman. The occasion was the Blackburn Cell of the Society of Our Lady of Walsingham's deferred Mass for the Immaculate Conception.

The same St Margaret brocade also provided a lovely altar frontal. Both the frontal and curtain were made by Elizabeth Kenyon. The Lady Chapel is now vastly improved on a few years ago.

The Shrine was censed, lustrated and blessed before a procession leading into Mass.

Elizabeth was made a member of the Society of Our Lady of Walsingham. Felicity will have to wait a few years.

And we wandered off into the sunset, or at least to the back of church for the potato hash lunch organised by the Cell.

Munch, munch.

Your scribes from this side of the pond with Tom Coucill. I am practising my pious look.

And Fr Lee and his Mother stand by the Shrine for a photo, before I go to Wrexham to get a chair, but that's another story.