Sunday, 14 December 2008

Advent III at Saint Hilda's.

Father Mark checks that he is still all there before going out at 11am to begin the High Mass. We ran out of chairs and hymn books today and had people sitting in the Lady Chapel, but this was no sudden resurgence in the faith, although that played a part, it was due to a baptism of the daughter of a couple of friends of Saint Hilda's. Our rose High Mass set came out again, each time we say that it has seen better days and really ought to be thrown away, but it's all we have and where on earth does one get a rose High Mass set from for nothing? We certainly can't justify spending two thousand pounds from the coffers on one.

The Godparents and parents gather round the font for the Baptism. What a marvellous day for one as well.

The Preface.


After Mass I went off to find a Christmas tree and was amazed at the prices being asked this year. I haggled with the lady at the second shop, however, and have a reasonable one. The new Crib set came out as well, with the Bambino in, just for you to see. Goodness me, the things I do for you, even having Christmas early. More excitement today as one of our Holy Ladies showed me a letter from the Pope's secretary saying that her intentions would be prayed for by His Holiness. She writes to him every year, which is wonderful, really. Such activities keep our eccentricity meter ticking over.

And there we are, the finished tree. Tall and thin this year, last time it was a 'Little Shop of Horrors' tree, getting bigger every day as it consumed baubles, I suppose. You don't get this on the other blogs, do you?

Anyway, here is the other Nativity scene in the lounge. The Wise Men are journeying from faraway lands, which is the other side of the clock.