Friday, 21 November 2008

If You Think This is the Future, Look Away Now!

Most of you will know that this is a picture of Arnold Harris Mathew, who, once again, most of you will know was the first Episcopus Vagans in the United Kingdom, possibly the first of any significance in the world. From him have come a chain of men (and women) who claim apostolic succession and valid consecration as bishops and priests. Many of you may have someone in their parish who, from time to time, tries setting up a 'Church' in their house (garages are good for this) and tempting people away with promises of a lost age and sherry. They have spawned such groups as THIS LOT and THIS LOT, as well as THIS LOT. Look carefully at their websites, maybe telephone a few of their churches, and see where they meet and how many attend their services. You will find that many do not have services at all and seem embarrassed if you ask for them by the title they give on the websites. Some have chapels in their spare bedroom.

Now, this is not an attack on them; they have been around for years and I could not care one way or another. The question I have to ask you is this...


If yes, its pretty easy. Most of them like new people joining and especially would love an ex-Anglican or Roman priest to join. If no, then avoid GAFCON like the plague, because all the groups listed above are in full, equal communion with them. READ ALL ABOUT IT. I have said before that GAFCON do not share our faith or morals, our sacraments or understanding of the scriptures and that they are not (and this is not a criticism, they are as welcome to their views as we are to ours), in any recognisable way, Catholic. We would make our bed with them at our absolute peril and at the danger of the destruction of ourselves and our realignment with a body as unconcerned with apostolic succession as they are with the sanctity of the Sacraments.

For the sake of the Church, we must realise that GAFCON and ourselves are mutually utterly incompatible.