Saturday, 22 November 2008


This was generally thought to be the best Beaujolais Nouveau of the sampling this year, from Lidl, of all places. I was reminded of living in London, when a chap who was a friend of the French wine bars of Soho could become comprehensively refreshed at no charge on the great day each year, particularly at Le Beaujolais on Litchfield Street and the Bar des Cafe de Amis Du Vin on Hanover Street.

Singing of patriotic French songs forgotten, I went to the country today. Do not worry, I have not been rusticated, although I wonder if I were to be where I would be sent down to? Crewe or Northwich, maybe. I wore the least foolish of my hats, which I felt you may like to see. If I were a wandering Bishop I suppose I might have had a cord or felt mitre.

The concert at Glastonbury by the Gafcon band of Bishops attracted both of their supporters and a few cabbages and the occasional wet lettuce. (although this tall, Italian cabbage here, called Cavolo Nero, is very tasty and excellent stirred into a risotto towards the end).

Really, of course, I was not at a concert but I was inspecting the organic 'heritage varieties' allotment in Styal. Back to normal tomorrow. Oh, continuing our goat theme, there was a small patch of goat bane growing in the herb garden.