Monday, 29 September 2008

Sandbach and Nantwich.

Nantwich Parish Church.

And from the outside.

Nantwich farmers market.

An unusual punishment...

Sandbach crosses.

To Nantwich this weekend, for a farmers market of no great quality, alas, but a fine day for a walk around a beautiful town! Sandbach is passed through to return home so I stopped and had a look at the ancient 'crosses'. Before Christianity hit these shores there were 'crosses' in markets by which haggles would be made, disputes sorted out and hearings heard. The Sandbach crosses are a remarkable survival, now almost entirely surrounded by Public Houses of varying quality, all doing a good trade the afternoon I visited. The statue was a surprise and I smiled as I saw the mans name proudly emblazoned beneath. Did the name come from him I wonder, or is this a cruel and unusual punishment?