Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Busy Times.

Huddersfield youth choir at Saint Hilda's last Sunday.

Happy parishioners.

The Sacred Heart with the votive lamp brought back by our pilgrims to Lourdes.

...and the Woodthorpe Inn, where your scribe ended up after the concert.

We were delighted to host a concert by the Huddersfield Youth Choir (all seventy of them!) last Sunday afternoon. The Church was packed to the rafters which made, with everything else, for a very tiring, but worthwhile day. This week sees much behind the scenes work as well as academic work, so it's nose to the grindstone for me. Sunday evening ended, as Sunday evenings should, in the pub with a couple of pints of Joseph Holt's seasonal bitter, called Pioneer and there was even the rare treat of a bottle of Traquair Jacobite Ale at home, my absolute favourite, although their House Ale comes a close second. Jacobites and Kings over the water being close to my heart!

As I write I am thinking about Harvest Sunday in two weeks time. I am looking for some suitable readings and hoping that our Area Dean who is the visiting preacher will not be dwarfed by the cope of our new green High Mass Set. It will be very good, however, to see the whole set together. As it will be good to see our area dean! Ever since' the' synod vote, the Diocese seems to be taking a keen interest in Anglo Catholic Churches, has anyone else had the same feeling I wonder? I am sure it is all pastoral concern.

We were happy to welcome Debbie Plummer, vicar of our neighbouring Parish Saint Margaret's to Low Mass this morning, although embarrassingly enough, nobody recognised her except James who only joined us when she took over at St Margaret's from Father Martin. We have cordial relations with all our local Parishes we hope, even in these strained times.

I have come to a decision about my curacy next year although I wish to give those who have had to be informed at this stage time to digest the information first, so more later in the week.

Those of you who are in the happy position of having read a British Broadsheet this last Sunday will have seen the full page advert taken out by my brother and Lord Jacobs which advises the Conservative Party on their tax strategy. I do not pretend to understand tax strategy but there we are, I feel none the worse for it. It did get me thinking, though, that if I were to have a full page advert in all the broadsheets (which I am not, do not worry), what I would say and whom I would advise. Any suggestions?