Saturday, 27 September 2008

Fourth Annual Anglican Wander.


The Shrine of Our Lady.

It is hoped that the fourth Anglican Wander will be held in March or April next year and will take in High Mass at the shrine of Our Lady of Egmanton, a visit to Worksop Priory and Benediction in the historic Clumber Chapel in the National Trust estate. Watch this space!

Many thanks to all of you who have emailed me recently offering prayers and kind advice about where I should go next year. It is very much appreciated as I (almost) always love it when you comment on this site, it gives some substance to the numbers and lends some happiness to mt soul. Thank you, particularly to our 'regulars' like Roger, Trish, LapinBizarre and Fr Andrew and all the people I have forgotten. I hope to see some of you next year on our day out. It gives me some joy to think that this blog has produced a community which is tangible, of people with different opinions and of different Churches and Churchmanship who can write to each other and even go on an annual outing. That is something good and rare on the internet and speaks volumes of the kindness and sociability of our readers.