Sunday, 28 September 2008

Alderley Vilage Church.

Ceiling of the Stanley private pew.

The 'vinegar' Bible.

Stanley Mausoleum.

A poor photo of a William Morris window.

Inside the private pew.

Still inside the pew.

In the private pew looking to the private entrance.

Exterior from the churchyard.

Our Lady, an Irene Shakerly window.

Private pew from the nave.

Screen and nave.

East Window

Yesterday I was returning home from Sandbach and Nantwich through Alderley Village, as opposed to Alderley Edge and saw a sign advertising a Church open day. The beautiful village Church of St Mary was open, with it's fine old vicarage (lately home to the Hamiltons of TV and sleaze fame) and indeed it's fine new vicarage. The Church, hall, mausoleum and grounds are equally well kept and more can be found here . The highlights were, for me, the vinegar Bible, so named as the printers mistook 'vineyard' for 'vinegar' in their printing and the Stanley Pew, a private, elevated pew, with a private entrance at the side of the Church, now restored to it's former glory. The pulpit would once have been elevated to the same height, thus allowing the Rector to address the Stanley family primarily (and they him, when the sermon was thought to be of sufficient length) and everybody else last. The pew and indeed the Church are remarkable survivals of a different age which still attract people to their many services today. Pray for James, their new Rector and that the community may continue serving God.

Pictures of Sandbach ancient crosses tomorrow, as well as an amusing statue (bet you can't wait!) and hopefully some pictures of Saint Mary's today, where your scribe is going to go and preach to a full house after the ingestion of a bacon bagel and cup of tea.