Friday, 26 September 2008

God Save the Queen?

Vote Our Lady as Queen of England!

The Guardian led yesterday with the 'news' that the Government has drawn up plans to rescind the act which only allows the monarch of these Isles and whatever is left of the Empire (France, USA), to be Roman Catholic, as they put it and also to revoke the tradition of male primogeniture. This seems good news and is precipitated by a non-discriminatory clause in our laws passed by Brussels, which somewhat takes the edge off it. The act will, in fact, allow a monarch of any faith and, crucially in my opinion, none. Alexander Chancellor writes in today's Guardian of the potential pitfalls of finding the heir to the throne if this law is changed, possibly involving crowning a minor German nobleman living in Baden Baden as King. I know of one man in the UK now who claims, with authority, to be entitled to that place, although his lengthy prison term may well debar him.

What do we think? Assuming that this will not descend into a 'Big Monarch' match (Charles to the diary room...) and assuming also that the sinister Gordon Brown will not resurrect 'Its a Knockout' to see which hapless royal will win the crown (and Bully's special prize is to be defender of the faiths) this will allow Prince Charles to be what he wishes, as well as those after him. Practically, for the moment, if it is passed, it means that we will have to watch the last coronation on YouTube to see how it was once done, we will expect the new monarch to be crowned by representatives of different faiths and whilst I have no quibble with a Cardinal gracing the sanctuary in a cappa magna, Methodist Not-Bishops carrying a staff-not-a-crozier may be too much for Andrew Dimbleby or whichever Dimbleperson is still knocking around at the time.

Is this the end of Anglicanism's Crown as the Guardian puts it? Are we to be an officially plural nation and what if the monarch is an atheist? How shall they defend faiths? Would you want Richard Dawkins as King if you were a Christian? Is it time to disband the monarchy if they cannot be expected to fulfil their most ancient role, to be a Christian figurehead for the Nation and is Westminster Abbey to be a museum? Our Judges will certainly no longer have to swear to God to uphold the law and witnesses will have no need to swear on a Bible, thus the legal system has no oversight and Judges are accountable not even to Almighty God or the Monarch, who is in turn bound by oath to defend the Christian faith of these Isles. Serious stuff, if you believe in God, so much rubbish to a sinister, ruthlessly secular atheist Government.