Saturday, 24 May 2008

Formby, Flowers and Faith (and Fiddlebacks).

This man had the right idea.

Can you spot a red squirrel?

The Anglican Wanderings shoes visit the seaside.

And your scribe.

The dunes move around, I am told, although fairly slowly.

Coffee Evening.

The Church this Evening. You can just see the ten tall candles on the altar for Corpus Christi tomorrow.

Flowers in the porch.

The baptistry.

Our Lady.

Work on Friday was not worth the wages, so I was looking forward to a day off today. With bad weather forecast for the entire weekend though and waking up at five thirty in the morning to rain and sleet pounding the windows I was not hopeful. Dawn broke clear though and by nine the sun had come out sufficiently to suggest A Day Out. Thus, an hour and a half later I was in Formby, at the famous Formby Point, walking around the famous shifting sand dunes and looking for the elusive red squirrels (try asking a Polish friend to say squirrel, it's great fun) now almost extinct in this country thanks to the American Greys which have wiped out our more timid specimens. Formby Point led to Formby village and a wander around there then during my drive back I found myself passing the Weld Blundell country estate, the family of which I have some connections with, but the gatehouse and great iron gates suggested firmly that there was no one at home. Probably sunning themselves in their Italian Palazzo I reckoned.

Shortly after I was in Church laying the vestments out for tomorrow's High Mass and complimenting Josie and Sheila on how nice the flowers look for tomorrows Wedding and earlier Baptism, after which I will be hot footing it to St Mary's palatial Vicarage for a late lunch. The day finished with a coffee evening in Margaret's house, a stalwart of the Church, to raise money for the funds. I fulfilled the traditional Ordinands role of holding the Quality Street tin full of folded up raffle tickets for the Parish Priest and dropping subtle hints that we really need a new green High Mass set before next Sunday. I wonder if anyone could help?