Sunday, 25 May 2008

What Does the Future Hold?

The end of Mass before Benediction.

Before the wedding.

The Sanctuary before the wedding.

The people waiting outside.

The happy couple.

This morning we had High Mass followed by Benediction for Corpus Christi, then a Baptism and a wedding. All in all, we had about five hundred people through the doors. Lunch followed at St Marys and I toddled home with rather too much wine in my veins and chopped the tree down in my front garden which threatens to interfere with the telephone wires. I wish I had done so after reading the report in the Telegraph about the House of Bishops 'secret meeting' in an hotel room (can you imagine!) where they narrowly voted to allow women Bishops without making any provision for us, it would have been done far quicker. Now, this was in the Telegraph, which famously glories in putting Anglicans down, so bear that in mind. Bear also in mind that the house of Bishops has a strong caucus which believes itself to be the proprietor of a seaside amusement park, desperate to introduce a different novelty each season and that the house of clergy and the house of laity are far more sensible. Bear also in mind that we are busy, we are following God's commands and that things have been a lot worse before. And then pray, pray for us, pray for the Church and pray for England, whom we serve as Her National Church.
We are facing trying times my friends and the walls of darkness seem ever closer. It is sad that faithful members of the Church are feeling alienated but as we learnt fifteen years ago we have something worth fighting for and staying for. I refuse to throw away hundreds of years of tradition and love and prayer for a holiday in Italy, for after a while the Italians will tire of the novelty of their new friends and we will want to come home to England again. We have until July to pray hard and to hope that the other two houses, as I expect they will, decide to make us welcome still. If my course is a microcosm of the Church, we will be fine and tolerance and respect are coursing through our veins. If it is not, then God help us. Today a Parish celebrated, a boy was baptised and a couple were married. There is reason to be rejoice, and this is being echoed all over the country.