Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Passiontide Palms.

I was so excited to discover from the recent flurry of messages that our blog readers are actually alive and occasionally read what we write that I have decorated the Church for Palm Sunday early! Actually, there is a more serious reason than this, we have some communicants who are from different traditions or are not keen on crowds, so come for daily Masses, sometimes before other events, who therefore do not see the Church on a Sunday. For this reason, I tend, as we have the daily Mass in the Lady Chapel, to decorate the main altar in the colours of the next Sunday, so they know what is going on on the Church's calender unless it is Easter Day or similar. The number of people who show an interest has convinced me that this is a good thing. We are also careful to always refect the correct colours of the day in the Lady Chapel as well, so there is the daily continuity of the rounds of the Church's year. I have photographed the Church's Passiontide Chasuble for you and will endeavour to show you our newish red High Mass set closer to Palm Sunday.