Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Luther King House.

I said, a few months ago, that I would take some photographs of my Theological College for you. I finally got around to this last week due to a number of factors, including a faulty memory and the fact that so much work has been done on the campus that much of the building was swathed in scaffolding for a long time. Luther King House is home to the Manchester partnership for theological education and ministry and supplies many bedrooms, a large theological library, teaching rooms, offices, a refectory etc to those Churches who are a part of that partnership. It is one of the many private theological colleges in this leafy part of Manchester, happily bordered by lovely parks, art deco flats and sundry Opus Dei buildings! The Anglican Church will terminate it's affiliation with this partnership when I finish my course in June 09 as there are radical moves afoot to change the way the Northern Province trains many of it's ordinands. Personally, I think this seems a shame, I have grown to rather love Luther King house, despite the shock I encountered upon finding the Tablet magazine stashed at the bottom of the periodicals rack in 'other denominations'!

I am relatively pleased that next years Easter School, which is always held in a week after Easter on a different subject in a different place, is to be held at Sneaton Castle in Whitby, the home of the Sisters of the Holy Paraclete. This is great because I love Whitby although I am distraught in equal measure because it will be held from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, thus taking me away from my last Holy week at Saint Hildas (unless of course I reincarnate myself as Parish Priest at some point in the distant future).