Friday, 29 May 2009

Time for a Drink.

A hot, sunny day in Manchester. Typically enough just as I leave. I am going to go into the garden and enjoy a nice gin and tonic which will calm me down as I read the Church Times, which now comes in a plastic wrap, rather than the reusable brown envelope which almost made the free subscription worthwhile. I understand that thee is a nice picture of the Dean of Westminster taking high tea on page three, it will doubtlessly be all downhill from there.

Another shot, sent to me of last Sunday's High Mass. Pentecost this Sunday of course, then Trinity, Then Corpus - the first one for a while when I have not attended the parade at Corpus Christi Basilica in Miles Platting, North Manchester. The Basilica is now boarded up and abandoned, plans to turn it into something else presumably scuppered by the condition of the building, size and the undeniable fact that it is in Miles Platting. Time for a drink.