Thursday, 28 May 2009

Paschal Candles.

First of all my apologies, even though the above picture clearly shows that I have time to drink coffee in peculiar cafes, I have had little time to share my thoughts with you on this blog. This has been a week of meetings, academia and letter writing, all of which have been productive, all of which have been exhausting. My prayer wheel has been given a spin this week as well, offering me a difficult chance to come to terms with a difficult persons actions. Once again, though, a productive spin of the wheel.

Yesterday, as I toddled off to a long and enjoyable meeting, I was musing, through the rain and the filthy water spurted up onto my clean cream trousers by a loose paving stone, that it was the 27th of May, which meant that there were two and a half weeks left until I move and almost exactly a month until my ordination, by the grace of God on the 27th June. After a momentary increase in heartrate (my Doctor tells me that I have, if anything, low blood pressure, which is a miracle I ascribe to my forswearing of squid and margarine) the usual serenity returned which will begin to erode gradually as the removal men come closer and which took a slight dent last night as the unhappy football fans returned to their houses from the collection of pubs up the road, stopping only to drunkenly sing at various stational lamp posts in the vicinity of AW House.

The building works in the Church go apace, we are sagely informed that they will come to an end this week, certainly I hope that we will have running water this week, as we have four baptisms and we could do with the mains being on and a tap connected. Interesting liturgical question here - as it is Pentecost and we also have Baptisms, do we move the Paschal Candle after the Gospel to the font, as is our custom, lit or extinguished to light immediately afterwards or do we simply place the lit candle in the Baptistery before Mass begins. Answers on a postcard or in the comments box please.