Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The May Devotions at Saint Hilda's Prestwich.

Father David Houlding gives Benediction during the May Devotions last Sunday at Saint Hilda's. The sun, if it did not exactly shine, was in evidence enough to allow the procession to go outside the Church and around the streets, which is all that was required of it. The attendance was good, the Church almost full and we had a happy number of visiting clergy and parishioners from other places as well.

We began with inducting new members of the Society of Mary, before the usual hymns, devotions and sermon, which was preached this year by Father Houlding. The procession then prepared itself and we processed outside before returning for Benediction. A buffet followed which all went - as always. The availability of wine gave your scribe a fuzzy head the next morning.

Canon Peter McEvitt leads the litany by the shrine of Our Lady.

And poses, unashamedly, for the camera whilst talking to Barbara Bohanna, lay chair of Forward in Faith Manchester.

The procession follows the statue out of the Church.

Which meandered past the bins and the Doctor's surgery.

Accompanied by banners from Saint Hilda's and our Roman Catholic friends at Nazareth House. Each year we seem to welcome more and more traditionalist Catholics to the May Devotions.

Father Houlding and Father McEvitt process into the Church at the beginning of the Devotions.