Monday, 11 May 2009

Another Busy Sunday.

Yesterday went well, which is a relief. I began the morning at Saint Mary's, the Parish Church of Prestwich, giving them a sermon for the Sung Eucharist on the true vine. I will smarten up my notes and publish them here at a later date, it's a good way of putting a post on when I am busy! It was difficult for me to say goodbye, as I did at the end of the service, to a community who have been so welcoming to me, how much harder will it be when I leave Saint Hilda's in a few weeks. Time to go, though.

This new icon corner at Saint Mary's was a nice surprise, maybe if they got any more, they could have some of our poles seen in the previous post. As I walked around Saint Hilda's this evening to make sure that the processional way was clear I moved the poles, toilet and cistern which were blocking the path down the side alley, which was a first. I contemplated stopping the procession at the Station of the Building Works but decided that people might be tempted by the lead piping.

The fine Church of Saint Mary, Our Lady of Prestwich, is a lovely place and a great treat to visit. I have run quiet days in the past using the choir stalls, which works well, the screen closes off that part of the Church to an extent, making it feel like a small chapel.

Some of the windows are good, the high sanctuary has Burne Jones type work, showing saints looking very English and correct in their gothic vestments, but the light was too strong to allow good shots.

Part of the choir stalls showing the sedilia further along and the tabernacle behind, in the lady Chapel.

Like Saint Hilda's, there has been a dais for a nave altar which is no longer in use, the High Altar is pulled forward, to allow for westward facing celebration, but it retains the integrity of the original plans for the Church, as you see. It could be said that moving altars forward in this way when space is relatively tight makes the altar look precipitous, upon the top step and indeed on the odd occasion when there has been Eastward facing High Mass, the sanctuary comes into its own. Far better this, though, in my opinion, than a nave altar which directs the sight to the front of the screen, missing the work behind built to the glory of God.

The statue of Our Lady in the Lady Chapel is looking very happy in her May array.

Pictures of the May Devotions in the evening to follow soon, once Ken's pictures join the few I already have.