Saturday, 14 February 2009

The TAC Red Herring and the Problem with the Media.

There are no red herrings in AW Towers, but here are some red prawns to look at while you digest the news just sent me by a bishop of the TAC and verified by one of his (well-placed) brothers. It concerns the signing of the Cathecism of the Catholic Church and its alleged placing on an altar in Walsingham. This news, then, from the men who signed and placed it (and a salutory lesson in believing the media to us all).

Dear Fathers, Brothers and Friends;

The meeting of the TAC bishops took place in Portsmouth, England, not in Walsingham. The signed copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church was placed on the altar of St. Agatha’s, the TAC parish there, not that of the Roman shrine OLW.

There is hope to expect an announcement of significance for Catholic Anglicans from Rome after Easter. The rest is speculation. And given this article's unreliability on a simple matter of fact, I am not inclined to put much faith in its speculation.