Saturday, 14 February 2009

Oh no he di-ent

I've been watching, from a distance, the goings-on in the CoE this week. Hoping to relieve some of the angst with something even more stupid, I offer this for your review.

Do I jest? I wish.
The Right Rev Richard Chartres, speaking in advance of a debate at the Church of England's General Synod on the financial crisis, said that it was difficult to know whether to sympathise more with those who had lost their jobs, or those who were left carrying even greater loads with higher targets and fewer colleagues.
I'm going to have to say... yeah, it's worse to lose your job. Being over-worked while on the job still provides one with the resources to pay bills and feed children.

He goes on to say:
Sometimes, people seem to be relieved to get off the treadmill and to be given an opportunity to reconsider what they really want out of life.
Incredibly, not everyone has this luxury, though this might come as a shock to someone whose job security is not, nor, barring some extreme circumstance, will ever be in question.

Apparently, CoE bishops enrolled in the same public relations courses as Roman bishops.

Forget maniples and palliums. I say, ball gags!