Monday, 9 February 2009

Saint James's, Langley.

During my wanderings on Saturday, I passed Saint James's in Langley, a village in Wildboarclough valley. It was open and I was very pleased to see a fine painted rood screen made from cast iron. I have never seen one I have liked before, although the cast iron ciborium over the high altar at Saint Catherine's in Burnley is reasonable enough. I thought this really enhanced a little Church in the hills, which was in excellent condition. Nice altar frontal as well.

The blue colour scheme worked well, all it needs is a nice big statue of Our Lady of Lourdes and a hanging pyx. Not much chance of that I imagine, though.

And from the outside, up the steep path from the road.

Last night I was putting my feet up, as you miss nothing you can see my feet being up as well. Fr. John and Naomi had just gone home, so I finished my glass of Madeira, which took some time because it was a big glass, and went to bed. A peaceful end to a quiet day, which is remarkable enough to remark on.