Sunday, 8 February 2009

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary.

In our regrettable pattern of attendance, one Sunday suffers whilst the next blossoms, we were in the slump Sunday today, still a good congregation, but ten or so down on a 'good' Sunday. Canon Peter McEvitt sang the Mass for us, so I am sure that his growing fanclub will be tuning in over the next few days.

Matthew looks on waiting to carry the cross in the procession to the shrine of Our Lady for the Angelus at Midday.

Canon Paul Denby can be seen at the famous 'Prestwich North End', whilst Fathers Mark and Norman can be seen at the South. Personally, I would erect curtains to hide the concelebrants behind, but it seems an unpopular idea.

The Preface.

Sursum Corda.

The Concelebrants' Enclosure during the Gospel procession.