Tuesday, 13 January 2009

This and That II

Fairtrade signs, other churches Patronal Festivals, a suggestion to consider training to be a priest, (Selection Conference selector: 'And why are you here?', Candidate: 'The advert looked good'), website advert, some information about Walsingham and adverts for concerts, as well as a flower display greet people as they come into the church through the main door. Soon there will be a notice advertising the day out to Egmanton in May for High Mass and lunch followed by a programme of afternoon activities. More details to come.

I took the Epiphany House down today. Here is the statue of Our Lady and Child, made by the Community of Saint Mary the Virgin at Wantage who, in my 1975 directory of religious communities in the Church of England, are listed with the nostalgic telephone number of 'Wantage 3141'. I no longer buy the Yearbook because, like the Good Beer Guide it is often out of date as soon as it is published and is depressing reading, for different reasons. One book includes lists of pubs that have gone over to keg beer or have closed by omission, the other lists communities which are dwindling or which try novelties to boost numbers, thus often guaranteeing the rotation of many bodies in graves up and down the country. I might buy the GBG this year though, so I can do some essential fieldwork in the area where I am to serve my curacy. Announcement this week. Stay tuned.

The Epiphany House is in a dark corner of the church, hence the plants I get for it look glossy and alive when in situ, but a bit bedraggled when brought into the sunlight. I hope that the exhortation I have chalked on the side of the box may encourage buyers. Alas, small yuccas were too expensive this year, which has already resulted in one or two complaints from those used to purchasing them at a pound afterwards. Maybe the Easter Garden will be more in the yucca season.

As I emerged from the changing rooms at the leisure centre yesterday after swimming and enjoying the novelty of sitting in a steam room full of eucalyptus leaves (amazing where the council tax goes....), I saw this room offering 'Sport Information'. None was forthcoming, unfortunately, but ever since I stopped playing rugby due to contracting a great big crack in my skull I find I need a reminder now and again.

Church House on Deansgate yesterday in the morning light. I can reveal that I will no longer have to come here, as I am moving diocese. I will still be in this diocese on the 24th of May, though and I invite all readers to make an effort to be here as well, specifically in Saint Hilda's Church, if you can, to celebrate the 45th anniversary of our Parish Priest's ordination with a High Mass and party from 6pm. This is probably the last major milestone of ordination he will celebrate in 'full time' employment, so past and current friends are warmly invited to come.

Saint John's Church in Wakefield, basking in its own Georgian splendour, magnified by its surroundings. No Thom, I did not see the Vicar of Wakefield, but if I did I should have asked him if he wanted to sell us his lectern. I can imagine the answer though! (Thank you Gabrielle, I am glad you have heard back from Ken, I will keep looking). On Saturday night I recited a comic poem which I wrote on stage in Wakefield. I am only sorry that there are no photos of this occurrence, I am glad to report that everyone found it funny, for it could have gone either way!