Saturday, 18 October 2008

Saint Luke's Day Diversion.

Saint Luke, Ora Pro Nobis.

In the picture above you can see the statue of Saint Luke (as well as the one of Saint Nicholas, which came from Faith Craft, Lord Halifax's enterprise) which resides in Saint Hilda's Church. When that strange and alien body, the faculty commission came on one of their rare outings to Prestwich, their director, who gave approval for this statue, said that it is one of the finest works of art in the area. Judgement is reserved on that, but it is certainly striking, as many first time visitors will attest, looking as it does, outlined by the window to the south, as though there is a naked man in the Church. He grows on you and I have come to be quite fond of our Saint Luke, a good change to the usual type of statue.

The paper chase of variant pew sheets is almost over. I have printed off the sheets for almost every Mass recently as the Redemptorists do not cater for our Patronal, Dedication, Remembrance Sunday (choosing this year to keep the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica) or Harvest Festivals. I am pleased with the look of the Remembrance Sunday sheet, with it's black border, but have just realised that I have the same psalm, due to a mixture of tradition and rubrics, for tomorrow's Dedication festival, Remembrance Sunday and the Patronal Festival. Never mind, by the time that last feast comes around, the choir will be really good at it! The Patronal Festival sheets are coming along apace as well, now we have decided which hymns to use, they have varied slightly in the past, so we are reintroducing Faith of Our Fathers for the recessional and keeping On the Day of Thanksgiving for the introit. There is a peculiar offertory hymn about Hilda, you know the sort of Anglo-Catholic devotional hymn, 'Hail to Saint Hilda, she was a nun at Whitby, her wimple was well starched and her crozier was not sticky' or something very similar.

Next week is going to be very, very busy with an important meeting on Wednesday afternoon at 4pm. Keep me in your prayers at that time, if you be so kind. All Saints is looming as well, with the day trip to York on the Saturday. We are taking a coach, courtesy of Ken, Churchwarden and coachmeister (whose birthday is today, Happy Birthday, Ken!), to attend the Mass celebrated by our Provincial Episcopal Visitor, Bishop Martyn and show our support for Forward in Faith. There will also be chance for a good lunch and a look around, so we hope for a good turnout! One of my favourite days of the year, the Portico Dinner, is looming as well. Fellow bibliophiles will delight in THIS LINK which tells you more about the Portico members library and the annual prize dinner, this year held in the Town Hall, which is, as you might expect for a city which became suddenly wealthy under the Victorians, staggeringly over the top.

Pray today for Saint Luke's, Southport, which still uses the English Missal (basically the Tridentine Rite in English with bits of the BCP thrown in as an option). I have been a couple of times to their patronal festival and it is gloriously well kept, thanks in great measure to Mr John Hilton, who has tended to the church for many years. Every church needs a dedicated team of people who do not use the church for their own advantage or to advance their beliefs onto people. They are hard to come by, but worth their weight in gold! We are blessed at Saint Hilda's with a few such souls, who tend to the health of the buildings, this is a good day for prayer for those who are in the healthcare field, as well as those who care for the health of our Church.