Saturday, 25 October 2008

Rector of Smithfield Made of Teflon Shock.

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THIS LINK will take you to Ruth Gledhill's blog where you will find all the detail you might want about the end, presumably, of the Rector of Smithfield marries/doesn't marry two male priests saga. I offer no judgement on this whole business, other than to say that it is certainly complicated and some sort of official sanction seems to have come down from somewhere, or maybe Dudley's apology was sufficent for the bishop. I have to confess that when I first saw the pictures, I wondered , a) what His Dudness is doing seemingly wearing a pectoral cross in the above picture and b) what new piece of liturgical choreography sees two men kneeling at the altar in morning suits during the Canon. I thought they were representatives of some guild or another, Smithfield being what it is. I am not terribly keen on all this, really, and am glad that it is over. I was asked by a bishop who was interviewing me if I would preside over such a service and I answered wholeheartedly that I would not, from obedience to the scriptures, therefore the word of God. Whilst not being keen on this, I also am saddened by the outpouring of viciousness from the usual quarters about the event. One has to simply decide where one stands in relation to the scriptures and quietly, and in love, stay there.