Sunday, 26 October 2008

30th in Ordinary.

This morning, our last 'green' High Mass of the year, was well attended and a fine mood was detected in the air, helped on by the heating having been on for an hour longer than necessary due to the change in hours to winter time, so the building was approaching warm. By this evening at Solemn Evensong and Benediction we will be on the way to heat. Next week, after the High Mass of All Saints, we will be having a few glasses of wine in the church to celebrate Fr Ronald Croft's (our Parish Priest) birthday. Do come if you possibly can. The day before we will be in York for the Bishop of Beverley's Mass, so felicitations and the usual can be presented then, if required!

Pictures above are of the repainted statue stand and new lamp bracket at St Cuthbert's, Darwen, where I was lurking yesterday. It is coming together well, as you can see. I also saw the few metres of St Margaret damask which Fr Lee has bought to make a backdrop for Our Lady and a new altar frontal. It should look excellent.

I had pause for thought today as I walked around the church before Mass, lighting candles and outside sweeping leaves, at how much I will miss St Hilda's. I have grown to love and, I believe, be loved, by a large community of people, warts (and there are those, Wanderers) and all. We have been through a chapter of life together and it will be hard to go. However, I am hoping for a letter from a bishop, soon suggesting where I could go, so excitement is mingled with regret, which is not a bad place to be.

Father Norman Price, our Associate Priest, sends best wishes from his bedroom, where he is convalescing after his triple heart bypass. We hope he will be back with us by Advent Sunday. Thank you for your prayers.

Now then, I had a couple of dozen e-mails yesterday, either decrying me for not condemning the business at Smithfield alluded to then, or for not cheering it. I am sorry, but I will not sit in judgement on anyone. I can speak as to what I will do by action and I can act in the hope it is furthering the Kingdom of God and I will 'fight and not heed the wounds' as I pray each day to defend the faith and bring people to God, but I will not condemn individual people in public. Thanks also to those who e-mailed simply thanking me for the link, and to those few who, ignoring the issue, concentrated on the vestments! It takes all sorts to make a world, as they say, and I am glad that so many sorts find a happy home here, as they do at Saint Hilda's.