Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Plans and Plinths and no Attempt to fill the Longer Title Bar.

A rare action shot, Fr Lee is looking for more chips.

Fr Lee and Richard Luzar admire the altar cross.

The new stand.

New thurible and stand

I am almost ashamed to put trivial posts up now that the blog looks so professional, but not sufficiently, so triviality still gets an airing occasionally! After Fr Lee's scurrilous picture of our lunch (he said the first picture looked rotten and insisted on a second, which may have been a cunning ploy, I fear the worse one was used and I also fear that the chip mountain has been photoshopped to look bigger, however, we did not eat them all), I have some relatively sombre pictures of our afternoon playing in church. First, we ripped up the blue carpet from the side chapel altar steps, then had a kebab, gossiped a while, and then greeted Richard Luzar, the antique church goods vendor, who came with the new thurible stand and the statue stand for Our Lady, who now towers majestically over the church. Plans for blue hangings were well chewed over as well.

I was passing through Darwen because I had been to a meeting near Blackburn looking into my possible move there next year. More news as it happens, as you might expect! On the way home I went to see an acquaintance in Bolton Hospital who has been taken poorly and has to have a double heart bypass next week. He was not in as he was being poked about by Doctors somewhere, but do keep his health in your prayers.