Thursday, 9 October 2008

The Beginning of the Restoration of the All Souls Altar.

We began with the altar, which is from the now closed Our Lady and Saint John in Gorton and a frontal made by Sheila, one of our holy ladies, some time ago. For years, this ensemble have sat on a green carpet off cut in the corner of the Church, looking rather sad. We are going to begin having Daily Mass in this Chapel in the month of the Holy Souls, so it was thought a renovation was in order. Armed with six wooden pallets, lengths of skirting board, some carpet and paint and a bucket of nails I set to today, ably assisted by Andy Aspey (who, being a responsible adult, operated the machinery). Stage two is the purchase of two long, thin icons for putting in between the crucifix and the candles, probably depicting Our Lady of Sorrows and Saint John and more immediately, the writing of suitable latin script on the top step, to mirror the 'Ave Maria, gratia plena' of the Lady Chapel. I am pleased with the result so far although I think two riddel posts at the back will look good. I am also looking for a slender old music stand and a missal stand to make our joy complete, if anyone has any suggestions. This is also where bodies will be laid out with the six black candlesticks around overnight in future.

I have had the thought of transferring the old metal, plain tabernacle we keep the sacred oils in to the centre of this altar, covering it in purple velvet and using the velvet veil and placing the crucifix on top, or is that banned? What do we think?