Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Wandering Ordinand.

Canon Denby singing the Mass, the Parish Priest as Deacon and Simon as Subdeacon.

Simon's new cassock.

Simon thanks the congregation for their gifts.

And I wish him well and, equally importantly, wish our Parish Priest well on his 45th avviversary of his Deaconing. We will be having a party next year for his anniversary of being ordained Priest.

Fr Croft on Sunday evening before Evensong and Benediction in the St Benedict Cope.

On Sunday, Simon Sayer, one of our Parishioners, said his goodbyes. There was a presentation at the end of the High Mass (of Saint Matthew) of a new cassock and other bits and bobs (which, by some miracle I was able to fly into and out of, coming from Wakefield, going to a memorial service), then we had a glass of wine in the community room and people had the chance to say their individual farewells. We also had Solemn Benediction and Evensong in the evening, the Evensong kept in our glorious red cope from Saint Benedict's, Ardwick. Today, indeed in half an hour, I will take Simon to Oxford, where he will be beginning his course. In a week or so, when his term officially starts, we will be in the happy position of having two ordinands from Saint Hilda's training concurrently. Simon will be joining the Anglican Wanderings team as well, so we will have news from Oxford, which is good news for us. Pray for him, as he begins this new and daunting stage in his life.