Monday, 22 September 2008

Wakefield Wanderings.

New nave space. Pah.

Comper's magnificent rood.

High Altar.

This beautiful window struck me, but I had no time to find anything out about it.

Magnificent sedilia.


Blessed Sacrament Chapel.

The view from my bedroom window.

And the other way.

Choir organ.

A novelty.

Kneeler cushions in interesting taste.

Yesterday I returned from Wakefield in time for a service before cooking lunch for six to celebrate the Parish Priest's 45th anniversary of being ordained Deacon. Wakefield was interesting and on Saturday late afternoon we had a launch, or commissioning, service of the new Yorkshire Ministry Course in Wakefield Cathedral with the Bishop of Leeds, Rt. Revd. Jim Packer. Bishop Tony from Pontefract was also in attendance and he made me a most intriguing offer, watch this space. I have no pictures of the liturgy, for although it was very well put together, it mainly revolved around watching Bishop Packer standing up and talking, as well as a movement of people around the Cathedral, being signed with holy water and chrism oil. Such events are difficult to photograph and make for dull viewing unless you were there, so I have concentrated on the architecture of the building, including Sir Ninian Comper's majestic rood. Alas, so striking and bright is the gilding on Our Lady and Saint John and so powerful are the lights which are turned to them, the full effect of their power is not evident in these pictures.

This is to be another busy week, with taking Simon to Oxford on Wednesday, the arranging of the Parish Christmas party and the usual many other things which there are to do. I shall keep you updated, do not be afeared.