Monday, 15 September 2008

The Triumph of the Holy Cross I , The High Mass at Saint Hilda's.

The Altar before Mass.

Ken in his tunicle.

Sursum corda.



Ecce Agnus Dei.


Our visitors from London were unable, at the eleventh hour, to come, but we still celebrated the Triumph of the Cross in great style, to the glory of God. Many remarked that it was a fine added note of solemnity having a tunicled crucifer, which is a departure for us at St Hilda's and the decorated processional crucifix looked most majestic as it made it's way down the aisle. You can see the celebrant wearing an alb of mine designed by Pugin which looked splendid. The Parish Priest who was acting as Deacon has a fine alb on as well. We do not have any lace albs at St Hilda's, by design rather than accident. I know that there are those who feel the Mass to be invalid unless there are yards of lace descending, but the time when lace was common in the secular wardrobe of men is passed and in my opinion, this is one fashion that is best eradicated from the liturgical wardrobe as well. However, like most fashions, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For the same reason, I refuse to favour one cut of vestments over another, simply holding that the material should be natural and the manufacture dignified.

The day progressed with a good lunch at home before Solemn Evensong and Benediction at St Cuthbert's, Darwen. Pictures of that to come. We all had a most joyful day and we wished those going to Lourdes well as we will wish Simon well as he leaves us next Sunday. I am taking him to Oxford on the Wednesday, which will be a day tinged with happiness and sadness. If only I could afford the time to stay over and have a few drinks at my old favourite Oxford pubs. If only I could afford the staying over as well! Ah well. Another time.