Saturday, 13 September 2008

A Night Out.

Le Tagine Moroccan restaurant.

Upstairs in the same.

A slightly rude suggestion in the door.

All welcome!

Last night I went with some friends to the new Moroccan restaurant in Prestwich again. The food was still excellent and we finished the evening off again in the splendid tented rooms they have upstairs, this time drinking large brandies and coffee and eating baklava. On the way home we popped into Marion's, a friend and parishioner, and had a glass or two of wine. She seemed not to be put out by the sudden appearance of fairly comprehensively refreshed persons on her doorstep, which was a relief. I have forgotten, hitherto, to mention the concert in Church in a few weeks, so the picture above should serve as a reminder.

Eagle eyed wanderers will have noticed the link to a new blog on the sidebar, called Deacon's Diary. This is compiled by two Roman Catholic Deacons who contacted me via Facebook. It looks interesting, have a peruse at your leisure.

Today will, I hope, be a quiet day, in stark contrast to the rest of the week. It will end with a Parish fundraising party which i will make a brief appearance at, I do not generally hold with going out on Saturday night, but exceptions have to be made from time to time I suppose.

Mass should be well attended tomorrow, then Simon, Churchwarden Ken and webmaster Mark are coming to lunch, then it is off to Darwen for solemn evensong and Benediction, followed by a steamed mutton pudding, it is hoped, in a local pub, so long as the torrential rain forecast does not come. Ken will be on photography duty during Mass tomorrow so expect some pictures and commentary.