Sunday, 13 July 2008

Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Reverencing the altar.

The Preface.


'Ecce Agnus Dei...'

Sunshine and a busy Church greeted the extraordinarily long and grand procession out of the Sacristy today as the bell rang for Mass. Preceded by the thurifer, taperers and crucifix came the choir followed by two Canons of Manchester Cathedral, resplendent in their red cassocks and red pom poms on their birettas, then the MC, followed by your scribe, the Parish Priest and Father Norman Price, who is off on holiday next week leaving one of your other scribes, Fr Lee Kenyon, to sing the Mass. An upbeat mood was detected in the air, indeed was detected as long ago as last Tuesday, the day after the vote. The press have been releasing more and more spurious stories about the 'future of the Anglican Church', when all the while we have more reason for staying than ever. As you can see, though, we still lack an adequate green High Mass set, so if any of our new readers have an excess of such things, we should be enormously grateful for any help!