Thursday, 26 June 2008

We Are One.

Great forgotten aperitifs of the world number I, Pineau de Charentais.

Happy Birthday us!

Today marks exactly one year since Anglican Wanderings was first published on your magic lanterns. This had in fact evaded me until I was looking at pictures of Ladyewell and remembered that it was that blessed place which the first AW post was about and that the post was immediately reprinted in Forward Plus, the Forward in Faith paper, whose website link was one of the first chances we had to get readers. Thank you to everybody who has read this blog throughout the last year, we now have a very good number of readers which rises, slowly, week by week.

When I began this, not realising that it would evolve and take up the amount of time it does, I thought I would give it a year and then call it a day, however, I enjoy irritating people so much I shall continue for another year! And that is the secret, I think, that some of you are comforted, some irritated and some amused by what is presented here for you. Thank you also for your many comments, which interest me greatly. Thank you to David and Thom, in two ends of the world, who have read this blog almost from the start and to Carole who gave me the idea of beginning it when I said (it seems premature) goodbyes to St Mary's. Are you still there Carole?

Of course, there have been changes. Some I like, some I do not, but that is the nature of life. I would like to thank Fr Lee, co-blogger and dear friend as well as Shawn for submitting the occasional article of interest and Fr Anthony for ornamenting the side of the page with his picture. But I repeat the call for overseas, in particular, co-bloggers who feel that they have text and pictures of interest to submit on a fairly regular basis. It would, of course, be a prerequisite that you are Anglican or at least worship or visit Anglican churches, for that is what the blog is about really. I think in particular of the USA and Australia. I am unable to continue producing this amount of output indefinitely.

I shall be celebrating with a glass of Pineau de Charentais this evening when I return from my duty day in the Hospital Chaplaincy. It is one of the world's great undiscovered drinks and one of the happiest things I know of which can be bought by the bottle. So thank you, once again, for reading, for without you, this really would be futile and my life would be that little bit poorer. Thank you.