Friday, 27 June 2008

Money Makes the World Go Round, or Reasons to be Cheerful, Parts I, II and III.

Defeated, Kim, not deflated!

On My holidays, I met some soldiers.....

Anglican Wanderings announces a period of International joy as another spoke falls off the axis of evil. North Korea has announced an end to it's nuclear development and the beginning of the long march to democracy. Let joy be unbounded, etc. Of course, this will lead to capitalism and the end of the twisted cousin of Socialism, communism. What gives Kim? Oh, money, of course. we have all known here at AW for some time that one more freak weather condition or one more bad harvest and North Korea will be done for, unable to feed anyone, let alone the Party Members, a bit like the Conservative Party before they left Smith Square, it's no wonder that (one time dining companion of your scribe) Nicholas Soames was forced to buy his own restaurant. So, of course, they did what all good budding capitalists do, and that is sell whatever they can, in North Korea's case, they have sold their nuclear programme and that has set the seal on the beginning of the end, I should imagine, of worldwide communism. It's a bit like losing a wayward cousin to the Church, really, but good news for the world at large. The rest of the bottle of Pineau may be called for, particularly after the day I had yesterday.

The second reason to be cheerful is that it seems GAFCON, after all, do not want to form a schism, though I fear the reason for that may be the same as the above, namely money, or the lack of it. GAFCON and North Korea have an interesting juxtaposition of futures coming up as well, the one concerned with militant secularism and the other concerned with losing exactly that, which it has fostered for so long. I have thought of suggesting that the GAFCON Bishops decamp to North Korea and set up a new Christian Democrat Government, a splash of purple and red will be welcome after thirty years of Kim's polyester raincoats and they will find the people easily led, I should imagine. In all seriousness, I shall be praying for North Korea as they make their first tentative steps into the modern world. This emergent nation may teach us a few lessons yet.

Reason three to be cheerful is that I have been told to be. I had two anonymous emails (or at least from very unlikely addresses) yesterday concerning this site. One exhorted me to pop in the occasional humorous post again from time to time, apparently I have become too serious of late. Sorry. The other said that 'I am a Priest and I resent being told what do do by you in your site'. Don't read it then! I apologise if I have a hectoring tone occasionally, though, just my reading of the Scriptures necessitates communication and dialogue and I value entering into dialogue with you lot more than you know. So be cheerful, today, for God's will is being done in North Korea, He has visited His people and He has set them free.