Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Arley Hall Gardens.

Topiary, as you will gather, is a strong point!

Kitchen gardens.

The Herbarium.

Lunch. Easter Lamb.

Amazing how the hedges grow like this!

The bottom gardens, in times gone by the ladies would run around the pathways giggling, persued by the men.

This is interesting, it looks as though there is a clear run to the parkland and grazing animals but there is a 'ha-ha' about six feet deep at the end of the gardens to give this perspective.

More amazing topiary.

Drive to the Hall.

I love this Victorian wild/tamed juxtaposition, the gates opening onto parkland giving a Pastoral outlook which one is also completely shielded from.

The Hall.

The topiary is a particular feature of the gardens.

This is a ladies tea-hut, in the Edwardian days the Lady of the House would entertain her friends to tea and cakes in this lovely little chalet.

Last Saturday, when I should have been in Burnley, I was being shown some unusual trees by Lord Ashbrook. Honestly, I was. He has beautiful gardens and as I wandered down the grove from the Chapel to the woods, there he was, secateurs in hand so I was able to ask at first hand about the planting of this extraordinary garden and the amazing topiary. I thought you might enjoy looking at the pictures almost as much as I enjoyed seeing the real thing. PS, today being my birthday I am off to the pub later. I had a fine meal last night with my parents at the Millbank in Sowerby Bridge and I will take a couple of pictures of tonight's St Georges Day Mass for you.