Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Tibet and Holy Week.

The Anglican Wanderings Newsdesk has been on red alert recently and I am not referring to the vestments that the Pope wore for Palm Sunday. Our reporter on the China/Tibet border (surprisingly enough, we seem to have one) tells us that she has counted over four hundred tanks heading to the border since Monday evening, as well as many, many people carriers full of armed troops. We would do well to pray for her, in this unenviable position. We would do well to reflect, also, on this story of a people fighting to retain their identity against the might of a conquering nation which could equally apply to the Jews against the Roman Empire and their uneasy peace. As we know, though, it often takes someone to stand up and be counted for what really matters and to fight for truth. Let us pray that people stand up to the aggressor in Tibet and that, through the principle of non-violence that Buddhism and Christianity teach, they may overcome, even if they seem to loose the forthcoming battle. Pray for China as well, and all communist countries who follow that flawed misunderstanding of Socialism. May the social reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ be looked to this Holy Week and every day of our lives.