Thursday, 20 March 2008

The Sacred Triduum at St Hildas Part I, the Mass of the Lord's Supper.

I am taking a break from the watch at the altar of repose for an hour to shower and change before going back for the last hour or so and compline. This is the busiest time for the watch now, most people go home after Mass and have a cup of tea or glass of gin then come back about now and read a devotional book for an hour or so. I hope that you like the pictures and that they inspire a little devotion for you as well. We wore the French High Mass set with a veil made from silk spun by one of our parishioner's Mother, now embarked on the Great Adventure which ends with Our Lord in Heaven. It was made into a humeral veil by my Mother this year and if anything, sums up the theology of the Church in one simple garment used for such a great purpose. The altar of repose looks as though it has a gold frontal, it is in fact the gold humeral veil from Haggerston arranged to look that way. Candles are from St Benedict's Ardwick, a set I bought from Ebay (!), some bought in memory of a departed parishioner, some given in memory of a departed Mother and the Crucifix will be accompanied to the altar tomorrow by two acolytes candlesticks from Our Lady and St John, Gorton, a long time ago carried by our Parish Priest when he was a small boy in grubby shorts! This, it seems to me, is the way it ought to be.