Sunday, 9 March 2008

Passion Sunday at St Hildas.

End of the Preface.

Before the Sursum Corda.



Preparation of the gifts.

I was not at St Hildas this Sunday (see below) but have these pictures to share with you, thanks to eagle eyed Ken Savage and keen chorister Chris McGuinness. It sounds as though Mass resembled a fashion parade today! We were happy to welcome Fr John Livesley, transitional Deacon in the Swinton team ministry as Deacon for the day. It makes us realise how lucky we are to have so many Anglo Catholic churches near to us in Manchester. The dalmatics are two of mine which were black at one point until Sheila, one of our Holy Ladies converted them to purple for me. Phyllis, another Holy Lady is making a chasuble to match and all the attendant 'bits'. The cope came from a redundant Parish in France and was sent to me by a very kind person. Like all antique vestments, it is in constant need to mending and refurbishing, however and today the hood seems to have sprung a rip where it meets the top of the neck.