Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Manchester Cathedral.

The Regimental Chapel.

The Quire.

We all waited for Carmen Miranda, but only her head dress was showing.

The Bishop's Cathedra.

Our Lady's statue at the back of the Cathedral.

The Latin script reads that there is one sheepfold, and He is the Shepherd.

Cathedral Canon Father Peter McEvitt and Transitional Deacon and supplier of Gin by appointment to Anglican Wanderings Fr. John Livesley

The Lady Chapel in Sarum Lenten array.

Today I went to Manchester Cathedral for the Chrism Mass (see above), so I thought that I would take some pictures for you. The Cathedral looked as good as it always does with it's monumental quire and regimental chapel. Most of the stained glass is relatively new, either replaced after the Second World War of after the IRA bombings of ten years ago, when the town centre was devastated in a huge blast. Happily, no-one was killed and the city has been completely rebuilt, better in most ways than ever before, although some of us miss the old pubs, no one surely misses the old Arndale Centre which straddled the centre like a giant urinal.

Whilst at the Chrism Mass, our roving reporter at the sign of the Three Arrows let it be known that Bishop Elect Davies has indeed changed his opinions and will be canonically ordaining women, which is a departure from his long held views. It is, of course, not the fact that they are women which upsets us, that would be wrong, but the fact that we have no mandate to change the revealed word of God, given once to the saints and taught by the Church for two thousand years. This is sufficent for us.